Vision & Mission

Alfie GoughThe spirit of Alfie will always live on.

To improve the quality of life for children with Cancer.
From the support we were lucky enough to receive, whilst it never cured Alfie, it gave him a fantastic quality of life. The side effects of the chemotherapy were barely noticeable. He had no hair of course, but he gained weight on treatment and he never suffered from any of the symptoms that we were warned about and plagued so many other children in the same situation.

We are 100% convinced that this was due to the diet and the natural complementary strategies we had implemented for Alfie.

We aim to reduce some of the severe side-effects of the Chemotherapy and ultimately keep these children stronger throughout their treatment, giving them the immune support needed to help fight disease. Not only improving quality of life, but also contributing to saving lives.

Help other families understand strategies to achieve wellness during intense treatment.

  • Diet and good Nutrition
  • Purity and cleansing of the system
  • Natural Products and supplements
  • Infection avoidance

Our fundraising Values – We want all events hosted by The Alfie Gough Trust to be in the spirit of Alfie; Fun, happy and family-focused, giving something back and contributing to our wonderful community.

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