Mark Devine

Mark DevineOur Events Coordinator for The Alfie Gough Trust and Alfie’s Striders:
Meet Mark Devine

“This role is very important to me and i am looking forward to help making a difference in Alfie’s name.

I have always as a family member supported Alfie during in his little life and continued to support Dean & Sarah to keep his memory alive. We as a family (my wife and 4 children ) have always been part of the wonderful teddy bears picnic this is a real family day for all of Alfie’s family. In the very early days i took part in the London 10K which was tough as i was no runner but it was important to me to take part and raise funds. I started running with Alfie’s striders about two years ago and have never looked back it’s great to be part of the club and charity and makes me feel proud as Alfie’s God Father. I am looking forward to being a voice on the committee and taking on some great fund raising events this year , supporting the club and charity.”

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