Arlene Danton, BA(hons)

Our Webmaster, Design Lead & Trustee

Arlene is a Multimedia Developer with a good knowledge of graphic design, interactive development and video production. She has over a decade of experience and for most of this time, has worked within the corporate sector for many globally established companies.

Arlene knew the Gough family, specifically Alfie’s Aunty for a number of years prior to the birth of Alfie. When the family began to raise funds for Alfie’s treatment, Arlene was keen to help as much as she could to establish us in our local area, by means of branding and poster creation.

When the circumstances changed and the fundraising began towards helping other children suffering from the same illnesses that sadly took Alfie, we asked Arlene to continue with us to establish ourselves as an independent charity. This required a large ‘remodel’ of our website and all other materials – including a complete re brand. As the charity continues to grow, Arlene produces most of the final materials required for us to work professionally and effectively, both in event planning, publicity and general charity communications.
Arlene also played a large part in collaborating our first cookbook (released 2012) “Recipes 4 Life : Fighting Back with Food“.

Going forward, Arlene has many ideas for the charity and endeavours to continue with us to ultimately communicate effectively with the public & corporate sector and of course to all of the wonderful people who help with the charity; be that by donating time or money.

Arlene is extremely honored to have been given this role and endeavours to continue helping The Alfie Gough Trust wherever she can.

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