“The Alfie Gough Trust with Jo Gamble turned our lives around. We went from frequent hospital stays to a healthy happy child who has not been an inpatient since we we’ve had support from Jo and The Alfie Gough Trust. The Recipes for Life book is excellent and along with Jo’s advice our lives have been transformed!
Anne Fitzgerald, (Isaac’s mum)”

“I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you from the deepest of my heart, to all, that help Alfie Gough’s trust as it is helping us a great deal financially and professionally since 2012 when our son Haarith was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer Rhabdomyosarcoma.
I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent help we are receiving from Jo Gamble, Alfie’s nutritional therapist.
With the intense chemotherapy followed by radio therapy we needed help to keep Haarith in the best of health, he did do extremely well during that time, with all Jo’s support.
Sadly Haarith has had a relapse in January this year, he is no longer on chemotherapy but Jo Gamble is helping us in every way she can with a new supplements to support him.
It is April now and he is still as happy, well and doing everything as normal as possible, we pray to God he stays in good health always.
We thank Alfie’s trust fund for all their help and everyone supporting it,as people like us, without you, would find it very difficult.
Firoja Mohmed”

“We use all the equipment donated on a regular basis. Thank you! Paige is now on long-term maintenance and doing much better!
The Streeters (Paige, Russel, Samuel & Lisa)”

“My name is Sam Knighton and my son Zac was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma in February 2009. Myself and Zac’s dad must be about the only set of parents ever given this devestating news that knew exactly what this meant, as there had been another child in our family with it. I had heard about a father who was given a terminal diagnosis for his son and he went out of his way to find a way to help him. I followed his lead pretty much from day 1 and had a very good idea of what I was doing in the way of switching to organic meat, fruit and veg etc but after Zac relapsed and taking advice from this other boys father I enlisted the help of Jo Gamble, a qualified nutritionist to ensure that i was getting the RIGHT kind of anti cancer foods into him. The juicer that was very kindly donated to us has pride of place in my kitchen. I don’t know how I ever managed without it. Apart from juicing fruit and veg to within an inch of their lives, it also grinds porridge oats into ready brek and crushes apricot kernals and nuts into powder, making them much easier to get into Zac. Jo also put him on a supplement programme that is much easier to follow than the one he was previously on. The help and advice we have received, together with the financial help with the supplements and the juicer are superb and we can’t thank you enough for helping us to help Zac on his way to recovery from treatment and hopefully back to good health once again.
Sam Knighton mother to Zachary Knighton-Smith”

“My son is one year into his treatment for ALL. We could not have got this far without all the support and help we have received. Cancer is a terrifying diagnosis for anyone to get but when it’s your child, the feeling of helplesslness is overwhelming. However, charities like Appeal for Alfie make you realise you are not alone, there is support out there and together you can make positive changes to help your loved ones through their illness and beyond. We couldn’t be more grateful.
Regards, Alison”

“Dear Dean and Sarah,

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the assistance your charity, in memory of your beautiful little boy, is giving us. Our 2yr old little boy, Corey, was diagnosed in April with Stage IV.
The biopsy hit him hard and he was very low so we gave him anything he wanted. He was sick regularly which added to the heartbreak of the nightmare we have entered. Since we have changed his diet, with help from Jo, he is really well. Although I know that this can not be used as an indicator for what is ahead of us, it certainly makes it easier to see him full of energy as opposed to carrying a vomit bucket around with us.
I know it must of been extremely difficult setting up a charity at the time you did and it is important to me that you know how it has enriched Corey’s life and I’m sure many other children’s.
Corey is completely unaware of how sick he is which is just how it should be,
With very best regards Craig & Joanna Ashcroft”

Jo Gamble phoned me today to say that she was able to help my children (they have Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease).
I am so overwealmed with such kindness for my children and am SOOO grateful . I have three children and my two oldest (7 and 5) were born with the disease. From when they were born, I have tried to find something that might help them.
I have never known whether I was on track or not, and half the time I was restricted because of lack of money. Discovering Jo and Kevin has been absolutely wonderful, and as I said before, I am so overwealmed with such generosity.
Thank you so much for the wonderful work that you do. Your story moved me to tears. What a tough, horrible experience you went through. Alfie looked such a cutie, you just want to eat him!
Thank you so much for what you do to help other children (and their parents).