Complementary Therapy

Now in our 5th year as an established registered charity in Kent, we are continuing to support and fund Jenni Hallman, Complementary Therapy Nurse Specialist (previously Alfie’s Nurse) at Great Ormond Street Hospital.
Please click here to open the report (.pdf) of what our charity has enabled her to achieve for patients in the past year.
Alfie Gough Trust Complimentary Therapy
Spending time in hospital can be a frightening experience. Meeting a stream of different health professionals, coping with high-tech machinery and undergoing treatment is often daunting, let alone getting to grips with the illness itself.
Complementary therapies are being used more and more in hospitals alongside clinical treatment. The aim is to alleviate the symptoms of certain illnesses, while also helping with anxiety, fear, stress, pain management and sleeping problems.
The Great Ormond Street complementary therapy program has been running since 2011 and relies solely on charitable funding. Current Service
Children with cancer on our Lion, Elephant and Safari Day Care Wards now regularly use and have benefited from the introduction of this service which focusses on specialised massage therapies. Providing complementary therapies allows for dedicated time to alleviate some of the stresses that families face when they receive their child’s cancer diagnosis. It provides families with a chance to ask about the condition, side effects or to talk of their concerns about going home or their feelings about their diagnosis. Having a nurse-led rather than therapist-led role in the hospital means that the CTNS is able to deal with these concerns and support the unique needs of the each child and their family.

Alleviating symptoms of pain from some of the relentless Chemotherapy regimens is a key . As a family it is a horrific enough with the condition but then to have the treatments also causing further symptoms you feel helpless on what you can do as a parent. For Alfie we focused a lot on his diet and good nutrition to avoid a lot of the sickness and other symptoms. This therapy is another fantastic support focused for Children to try and improve the symptoms from the intense treatments. Whilst many charities focus on the fantastic investments for a future cure our objective is to help reduce some of the severe side-effects of the Chemotherapy and ultimately keep children stronger throughout their treatment, giving them the strength needed to help fight disease. Not only improving quality of life, but also contributing to saving lives.

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