Supermarket Sing-Along 2015

Raised: £482.68

Entertainment was provided by ‘Jerry’s Entertainment’ and the charity events team joined Asda staff and customers for a fun afternoon of karaoke outside the store.
Alfie Gough Trust Supermarket Singalong
We would like to thank ASDA and all the staff at Broadstairs for the continued support. Shoppers made donations to sing and all had a lot of fun at the store. This was the 6th year we have held this with ASDA and is always great fun and we would also like to thank the ASDA customers for another successful year.

The support of our sing along and money raised means we can continue to support our children and make a difference to families going through a very difficult time.

Nearly time to go

Just 4 days before we set off for John O’Groats. Nerves are kicking in but I’m sure all will be ok when we set off. Not been training much at all due to a chest infection but I’m hoping my previous running stamina will get me through! Nigel, Aaron and I will be sleeping in a van for the week donated by K Laundry. Aaron will be following us back carrying all the supplies we need. We are aiming to be back at around midday on Sunday 28th September arriving at Broadstairs Bandstand. Please support us by going to this website and hit the DONATE button, thank you!

Where have I been!

Really sorry for not posting for a long while but working 11.5 hour shifts, family and training albeit not a lot has really taken its toll! Nigel is doing brilliantly with his preparation doing many long rides. He has completed more rides over 100 miles than I will probably do in a lifetime! but he is ‘The Cyclist’ I am the ‘Runner’ or ‘Cockney walker’ as I’m affectionately known as.

Well we’re only just over 2 weeks away and my nerves are kicking in! Nervous about the ride not so, more worried about the weather! Riding against gale force wind and rain (which we had when doing Lands End-John O’Groats) is really not good! But this ride completes our cycle around Britain so an excitement is building as well.

Fund raising has been reasonable but to boost the fund we are planning some ‘We did it’ days, I will let you know where they are. This weekend I got my backside into gear by cycling 5o miles on Saturday and 75 on Sunday. Nigel also did a 75 mile coastal ride.

Please support us if you can and donate through the website. Off to start another 11.5 hour shift, may post something later today.


Story so far

If you’ve read ‘Charlie and Nigel’s’ story on Lands End to John O’Groats you will see this ride had its ups and downs. Never before had I experienced pain in my ‘bottom area’ like that! (too much information I know). I said to Nigel that this was the toughest thing I’d ever done, but it was so worthwhile and an experience we will never forget.

We then decided to do Lands End to Broadstairs. We looked at Google maps and thought 430+ miles doable in 4 days, what the heck lets give it a go. What we hadn’t realised is that Google maps is flat and the hills on the Jurassic coast were phenomenal, sometimes going on for more than 15 miles at a time. Riding in 30 degree heat, carrying all our own kit (including spares) was a task I will NEVER undertake again! but we did it. I will refer back to both rides telling some stories in future blogs.

Now on to this years challenge. John O’Groats to Broadstairs almost 900 miles in 9 days. Training is now underway with Nigel streets ahead of me. He’s done London-Paris,  London Eastbourne and return, Big KM ride, Hospice Ride etc I’ve done my house to work 1.7 miles! but I did do it quick…..it was raining!

I will be back to let you know what our plans are….please keep reading and give feedback please.


Jo’s musings

April is the month I deliver 4 cancer lectures in London to 200 undergraduate nutritional therapists.
The lecture is always so well received, I watched students being brought to tears when I told Alfie’s story.
By the end of each day I see them change from being frightened to work with people with cancer to so many asking how they can chose this as a speciality.
We need more professionals to understand integrative cancer, so it makes me happy when I can share my passion, because what we do does make a difference.

Charity Football Match

Raised £333.04